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Hot Tub Covers

Here at Premier Hot Tubs, we have a selection of sturdy, thermal hot tub covers to help you protect your spa from the elements and maximise its lifespan. A hot tub cover is essential if you want to keep your spa in good working order.

Our thermal hot tub covers are also energy efficient and help to stop heat escaping, keeping the costs of running your hot tub low. The benefits of hot tub covers are endless! 

Choose from the following hot tub covers:

Hot Tub Covers FAQs

How many years should a hot tub cover last?

A well-maintained hot tub cover will likely last you up to 6 years. Over time, your hot tub cover will succumb to the elements, UV rays and debris causing it to deteriorate, or at least become less effective, over time.


Do hot tubs heat up faster with the cover on?

Yes! Keeping your hot tub cover on before and after use is the best way to keep the water warm, as the heat can’t escape as easily. This will help to run your hot tub more efficiently and make warming up your hot tub faster.