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Our innovative, patented hot tub jets are designed to target specific muscle groups, giving you the very best massage experience every time you use your spa. Each jet delivers powerful, soothing streams of water with pressure that you can customise to your preference.

Stainless Steel Spa Jets

All of our spa models feature stainless steel-trimmed jets that are pre-polished to a mirror finish. The hot tub jets are fully adjustable allowing you to create the perfect massage for yourself, from a gentle soothing massage to a powerful hydrotherapy one, relieving stress to the areas that need it most.

Our hot tubs feature many different types of jets, all of which work their hardest to ensure you're completely massaged and relaxed. Jets featured in our spas include:
  • Premier Stream Jet
  • Stream Jet
  • Mini Dual Jet
  • Mini Spout Jet
  • Power Dual Spout Jet
  • Trio Stream Jet
  • Spout Jet
  • Power Splash Jet
  • Premier Dual Stream Jet
  • Whirlwind Jet
  • Dual Stream Jet
hot tub jets
Premier hot tubs feature a combination of pulsating, rotating, and directional jets. The flow of water depends on the jet and delivers a different sensation. A deep tissue jet feels like a thumb manipulating the muscle. The spinning jet feels like a hand squeezing. The smaller jet might feel like a palm.
Adjustable Jets

Adjustable Jets

Customise your spa experience; each jet can be turned on or off by turning the jet face either clockwise or anti clockwise. The power of each jet is adjusted by turning the air diverter valves. To make the massage firmer, turn up the control to allow more air to join the spa water, turn down to create a softer massage another feature is the ability to interchange jets so you can customize your massage.
Perfect Positioned Jets

Perfectly Positioned Jets

Each Premier spa jet is positioned perfectly to loosen the tightest knots in your neck and shoulders, lower back, legs and feet. Each jet is individually adjustable to allow you to obtain the right intensity to melt away your aches and pains.
Different size jets for different applications

Different Size Jets For Different Applications

Large rotary jets massage your upper and lower back, the neck jets act like fingers working on tight shoulders. The strong foot jets deliver relief to your feet, while the mid size jets helps the circulation in the backs of your legs without being too rough.
Ergonomic Seats for an efficient massage

Ergonomic Seats For An Efficient Massage

What makes our Premier hot tubs so popular is our finely crafted form fitting cleverly positioned seats. Every seat is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body and gently supportive seats allow the flush-fitting unobtrusive hydrotherapy jets to work their magic whether you are sitting or reclining.

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Perfect jets for every part of your body

Powerful Hydrotherapy Jets

There’s not just one type of hot tub jet. There are larger jets that have multiple nozzles, while others are positioned out of the water. Some hot tub jets rotate while others create a whirlpool effect.

You might not notice the difference when looking at the spa but you will when you are soaking in the water.
Perfect jets for every part of your body

Perfect Jets For Every Part Of Your Body

To help ease tension and soreness, many of the massage jets rotate and with plenty of room to move about in your spa seat you can position the jets where they are needed most. Sore feet? Many of the seating positions feature jets which deliver the ultimate foot and leg massage.

Rejuvenate your aching feet.
Foot well massage

Foot Well Massage

Some models include jets that reproduce this health-improving reflexology-type pressure, while also creating the added benefit of reducing pain and soreness in feet and ankles along with stimulating the many pressure points of your feet to ‘super charge’ your organs and areas of your body that have been neglected.

Available on some Premier hot tub models, the Volcano jet is designed to increase circulation in your feet and lower legs.
Stress relief neck and shoulder jets

Stress Relief Neck And Shoulder Jets

Melt away aches and pains on selected models you will find our powerful stress relieving neck and shoulder jets specially designed jets that are trained downward, perfectly positioned to relax those tight neck and shoulder muscles putting your neck and shoulders under the jets for the ultimate tension-relieving massage.

Feel the stress relieving power of our massaging jets, and you'll wonder how you lived without it.

When comparing the best hot tub, the number of jets is one of the features that you will look at. After all, the spa massage is one of the things that many people look forward to when making the investment.

Hydrotherapy “is the use of water in the treatment of different conditions, including arthritis and related rheumatic complaints. With a hot tub, the benefits of hydrotherapy are multiplied with the addition of jets.

A massage-like effect is created when water and air are pushed out of the jets. The pressure of the water is controlled by adjusting the air diverter valves.

A hot tubs design, the location of the jets, the type of jet, and the pumps should be factored in just as much as the number of jets the hot tub has, our Premier hot tubs have been designed to incorporate all of these factors creating the ultimate spa massage.

Relax and rejuvenate with a spa massage in one of our Premier Hot Tubs.