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All Premier hot tub spas feature a waterfall and pop-up fountains to add to the calming tranquil bathing experience.

Water features are soothing to watch, exciting for guests and fun for kids.
Soothing Waterfall

Soothing Waterfall

All Premier hot tub models come with a Light up waterfall to enhance your experience, calm the soul with this tranquil waterfall, and soothe the mind of all your daily inhibitions, creating a relaxing touch to your hot tub you can adjust this fine detail to create your perfect water flow and personal calming sound!

A hot tub waterfall is sure to enhance your spa experience. The tranquil stream of water will soothe your soul and clear your mind of stress, adding a relaxing touch to your hot tub.
Pop Up Fountains

Pop Up Fountains

All Premier hot tub models come with Light up fountains an elegant addition to your hot tub, a waterfall or fountain can create a quiet feeling of relaxation, make your spa more attractive, and relax listening to the sound of moving water whilst watching the array of multi-coloured LED lights giving a spectacular light-show in the tub at night.
Experiment With Lighting

Experiment With Lighting

All Premier hot tubs spas come with adjustable LED lighting, so it’s easy to set the mood and enhance your soak. Use blue lighting for the ultimate in relaxation, or if you want to energize your day, start your morning with a tub session with green lighting, which enhances mental focus.

Ozone System

Hot tubs are electronic, engineering marvels. Virtually everything is automatic, ergonomic and durable. Accessories are endless, covers, stereos, TV’s, massage jets, etc. Yet, full spa enjoyment can only be realized when the water quality is as good as it can be. Circulation, filtration and heating are taken care of by the hot tub. But the day-in, day-out sanitation of your water is up to you. It’s no use having these tranquil water features if the water is not clean.

Premier hot tubs include an Ozone generator that truly allows you a hot tub experience in crystal clear, nature fresh water. For a hot tub to be as good as it can be it must have an Ozone generator to treat the water.

Virtually every hot tub built today is made Ozone ready.

Hot tubs are a great way to relieve stress, have fun, and they offer several amazing health benefits. You could just step right in and say “aaaah,” but there are also features we have included to make your hot tub experience the best it can possibly be!