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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Lifting the cover off a hot tub can be heavy work, and if you're not careful, you can damage your spa by dragging the cover against the body of the tub. Our hot tub cover lifters are specifically designed to make spa cover removal quick and easy, even with just one operator. Hot cub cover removal mechanisms take up minimal space and allow you to lift off your spa cover without putting unnecessary strain on your body. 

How Does a Hot Tub Cover Lifter Work?

Hot tub cover lifters feature a bar that rests against the centre of the cover which help to fold it in half once before lifting it off the hot tub completely. This not only makes removing the cover much easier, but it also helps to maintain the cover and prevent any rips or tears in the material.

To use a hot tub cover lifter, first you need to unlock the straps, then use your fingers to find the seal between the cover and the hot tub itself. Once you've found it, lift the edge of the cover until it is folded in half over the bar. Then, push the remainder of the cover upwards until it slides behind the hot tub where it will be conveniently stored until you're ready to close the cover again.